By Joseph Schroer


Caffeine Anhydrous! The next ingredient in the Blast Off formula. We are all certainly familiar with caffeine and the wonderful presence it has in modern culture in so many ways. People love it all over the world. Coffee, tea, canned energy drinks, workout powders, and more. But how does it actually work? What is that ‘anhydrous’ term mean? And every now and then, people describe caffeine from different sources as making them actually feel unique effects. Let’s dive into it, starting general and then getting levels deeper into the technicals. 

Caffeine is mostly derived from plants and seeds. Even the types you find in energy drinks and powders! In fact, caffeine and caffeine-anhydrous are derived from the same plants, and it becomes anhydrous once all additional chemical components and water are filtered out. 'Anhydrous' is a chemistry team meaning: free from water. Since Blast Off has the design aiming for better cognitive performance and mental focus, we added caffeine-anhydrous. As you well know the ~jolt~ after drinking a cup of coffee, a normal pre-workout, or an energy drink comes within an hour after consuming caffeine. That is because once digested, caffeine is processed in the liver and broken down into subunits. These subunits have effects like breaking down fats and increasing blood levels of glycerol, dilating blood vessels and increasing urination, and dilating airways. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier, and now we get into the fun science.

We can see above the beginning where caffeine will improve physical performance and we already know about the cognitive effect and that it wakes us up. It does not actually wake you up, but rather block the neurochemicals that make you feel sleepy. Caffeine is an agonist, or a specialized blocker, that looks very similar to the neurochemical adenosine. Caffeine fits very well into the receptors that absorb adenosine, and from this block the brains receptors to find the chemicals that tell you to feel sleepy, therefore making you feel more away. 

Many studies have tried to quantify what level of impact caffeine has on physical endurance athletes, prolonged energy expenditure, and overall strength and is still being thoroughly studied to this day! 

In Blast Off, you get the mental and physical combination of energy needed to increase workout performance as well as cogntive improvements and focus.

Joseph Schroer



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