By Joseph Schroer

Hydrazine Energy Inspiration and Creation

Hydrazine Energy is something beyond an energy supplement company. From our origins, to the product itself, each phase in Hydrazine Energy’s creation has been a unique design for the best product. 

What started as two engineers and scientists who became best friends and decided the status quo of workout powders and energy drinks was simply, unsatisfactory. With a passion for the fitness industry, we tested them all and consistently found: bad taste, bad ingredients, bad feeling, and used only for working out. 

What if you wanted more? More than “pre-workout” for the gym and an expensive coffee before going to work or school? We created Blast Off. A delicious and scientifically designed energy supplement to increase all areas of performance. Physical and mental. 

Fitness and the fitness community have grown immensely over the past 25 years and so have the people who embark on this journey as part of their life. People who bring that dedication everywhere. Disciplined careers, athletes, students, parents, and more! We wanted a single product for everyone. So, we built it.

The two founders of Hydrazine Energy realized after all those late nights in the library that people are looking for more. A product with intentional ingredients and vitamins to power the body and brain. We researched and formulated each ingredient to bring forth an optimal exercise and focus environment to help work towards your goals. Welcome, Blast Off.


The inspiration for Hydrazine Energy started with the goal of taking your potential to new heights and creating limitless possibilities. Our logo shows a rocket blasting off to begin the search for new levels and opportunities that our community can reach. The name ‘Hydrazine’ comes from the chemical formula for rocket fuel, but no…there is not any actual hydrazine in our products. 

Come join our community and share your Blast Off journey with us! Personalize it. You are what makes this community real, what makes it thrive and inspire others to begin this journey too. 

Find your limitless potential and Blast Off.

Joseph Schroer


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  • Thats amazing!! Go science

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